Astrology Services

Astrology means science of the stars and its deals with determinative the effects of ethereal bodies on people’s life.the word astrology originate from the greek word “astrologia”.astrology is the combination of two greek words – astron,which means star; and logos,which means simple word astrology is “study of stars”.

Types of astrology

1 Horoscopic astrology
2 Natal astrology
3 Psychological astrology

How astrology works

The astrology is based upon the idea that there is a relation between the position of the planets and the behaviour of the person born at that same astrology different number of components involves.the essential components is birth place of this time, astology looks at the position of planets, the sign,the house and the links between the planets

Conclusion:- at the end of my topic I conclude here with some important points to remember.astrology is a tool that can help you,it’s like a language with that you can express yourself.astrology provides certain amount of solace to people suffered by the sling and arrows of an uncertain life.