Daily And Weekly Horoscope

Do  you know that what you offer giving astrology today. Horoscope is the best way to know what your stars forecast. Get Daily Horoscope readings based on your zodiac sign. Daily horoscope and astrology readings foretelling how the stars are going to bear on your life.

Meaning of the Zodiac Signs

Aries:-    initial surge of energy at springs equinox.

Taurus :-  stabilizes and builds on the energy.

Gemini :-  mental planning for the year.

Cancer :-  feminine, meditative,fructifying quality.

Leo :-  masculine creative heat.

Virgo :-  analytical awareness and discrimination.

Libra :-  balance all qualities adds relationship.

Scorpio :– death and rebirth of the year.

Sagittarius :- reflective philosophical introspection.

Caprocorn :-  marks the return and reemergence of solar energy.

Aquarius :-  social consciousness and higher ideals.

Pisces :-  psychic and reflective inwardness,womb of creation.