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Human beings are predominantly aware that the universe is governed by a force, divine or external, that impacts our daily life. While there is a percentage of people who may not have belief, the global populace at large does believe in some influences the planetary system and stars have on our fate. Indian astrology or better still Hindu astrology is one of the most widely respected and practiced across the country. The foundation of Hindu astrology is based on the Vedas. The Hindus strongly believe that the planetary positioning and movement at the time of birth impact our lives, and the influences are a result of our karmic past. The Navagrahas (planetary system) are associated with the Supreme Being and hence rule our lives.We bring you the Best astrologer in india who is expert in their field and come highly recommended.

Renowned astrologer Guru Rk Bangali Ji

Hailing from a distinguished family of astrologers, Guru Rk Bangali ji received the legacy from his grandfather and father, famous astrologers of their time. At a young age, he had a basic knowledge of astrology. Later, he pursued further studies in astrology and undertook a professional course. This eminent astrologer then went on to do his apprenticeship under a world-renowned astrologer in Varanasi for two years.

This renowned astrologer has immense knowledge in astrology and is an expert in Prashna Kundli, Kundli matching, birthstones, and gemology. He is extremely accurate in his readings and predictions. He renders services to clients on issues related to health, relationship, personal matters, childbirth, career, job transfer, and property. He advocates easy and simple remedial measures to his clients that help them lead a happy life.