Sudeep Das

I came to know about Guru Rk Bengali Ji from google search and thought of giving him a try. To my surprise he was accurate about my life problems. I couldn’t believe someone can predict so accurately about someones past present and future.he is just unbelievable. I’m so thankful for his guidance and support, becz of him i got a remarkable job in Mumbai’s top MNC company and got married to the love of my life.Thanks a Lot Guru Ji.

Manisha Patekar

Guruji has truely transformed my life through his blessings on me. i was facing severe depression as I broke up with my Boyfriend who meant life to me. we were together from last 7 years then due to my silly mistakes I almost lost him. there was no scope of getting everything sorted but then I contacted to Guru Rk Bangali Ji after that everything came on track,anyone who are facing problems i will recomended Guru Rk Bangali ji and get rid of your problems. he will always be there and will take your problems as his. the best thing about him is he never give up and complete his commitments. i’m feeling blessed and lucky to be in contact with him. he is like family member to me now who is the best guider.

Snehal Mehta

I must thank Guru Rk Bangali ji for making my married life peaceful, harmonious, and quite progressive! After few years of my marriage, my husband had begun to react rather rudely, in response to my domestic or prudent questions and opinions. My familial life was started becoming uncomfortable, distressing, and gloomy, due to wrong and reckless behavior of my husband. Then, I knew about and met guru ji , to seek any effective and sure solution for my married life problem. After knowing all about my birth (date, time, and place) and the problem encountered, guru ji gave me a curative gemstone and suggested to make donations on Saturdays. After few months later, calmness and harmony started cropping up at home.

Satish Arora

I had a small cloth store in Khokha market. My business was not doing well. I got in touch with Bangali ji onetime back in 2005. With his guidance and advice, not only did my business bloom but also I found a mentor who I turn to for guidance for each and every big decision in my life. Today I make money in crores and I have five showrooms all over Ludhiana. Bangali ji never asks for Guru Dakhshina, it is your wish whatever you want to pay him. In this day and age of frauds and fake gurus, Bangali Ji is an answer to my prayers.

Rahul Joshi

I was madly in love with a girl who was much richer than me. At the end of many years of the relationship, she broke up with me. I felt used and hopeless. I was on the verge of suicide when as a last resort, I stumbled upon Bangali Ji’s website. I did not have the money to afford a hefty fees so I asked him if my problem will be solved, how much will I have to pay. To my surprise, he said his charges only guru dakshina and I only have to pay for the puja. I was surprised and I took a chance. In 15 days, my girlfriend came back to me and proposed to marry me.

Saritha Jain

Meeting Guruji was a miracle in itself. I had an extremely desperate situation where I wanted to get back with the love of my life. Before meeting Guru R.K. Bangali ji, I had tried getting my situation dealt with by two different astrologers who either charged me for work they failed at doing, or just scammed me. My hope was dying and in a desperate attempt I contacted Guruji, and told him about my situation. He gave his best to the situation and even after encountering various black spells, he helped me get back my love. I owe him my life and am extremely grateful to him. He is an angel in human form.