Aquarius – कुम्भ राशि

Know About Your Love-Career-Health-June-2021


Uranus retrograde trines talkative Mercury on September 7, opening your mind to new possibilities. Whether or not you share your thoughts with your crush is up to you, but there’s something to be said for keeping things to yourself right now.A Venus-Uranus opposition brings challenging changes to your love life on the twelfth, but since when aren’t you up for something different? Romantic newness can be stressful but exciting. Stay flexible.A Mercury-Mars trine on September 23 helps you focus, which is useful when you’re trying to get to know someone new. Giving someone your undivided attention is the ultimate sign of respect.


Be crystal clear about the terms of a financial agreement before signing a contract on September 7. Have a lawyer check the paperwork before it’s approved.The new moon on the ninth is ideal for entering a profit-sharing agreement. You could also get a job package with terrific benefits near this day.Resist the temptation to burn bridges on September 12, when you could get very angry at an authority figure. This upsetting impulse could strike again near the eighteenth. It might be best to practice relaxation techniques midmonth. On September 24, you’ll hear some news that clarifies a confusing work relationship.


If your vitality seems to have dipped, it might be due to feisty Mars in a more secluded sector of your chart. However, on September 10, it moves back into your sign, which could see you feeling energized and ready for action.Although your wellness sector isn’t in focus this month, the presence of determined Mars in your sign can inspire you to want to burn off any excess pounds and perhaps take your overall well-being more seriously. As it’s in the sector of your chart associated with image, a decision to look as fit and fabulous as possible could lead you to make some key decisions.

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