Scorpio – वृश्चिक राशि

Know About Your Love-Career-Health-June-2021


The heat is on. There’s obvious sexual chemistry between you and someone new during the Venus-Mars square on September 8, but it doesn’t come without a price. If you can’t alleviate the stress surrounding the situation, can you deal with it?Venus drifts into your emotional sign on the ninth, putting you in a reminiscent mood. It’s possible to think fondly about an ex without contacting them, Scorpio, but if you think there’s a possibility you can rekindle the romance, why not try?The sun-Mars trine on September 27 brings out some primal desires, making it possible to move on with someone new. It’s hard for anyone to resist your charms.


The new moon on September 9 presents an ideal opportunity to land a new job, get a promotion, or start your own business. Your wit, charm, and intelligence make a good impression on everyone you meet.You could receive wonderful career news on the eleventh, when a recruiter gives you a call out of the blue. Be open to extensive salary negotiations on September 12. It’s better to compromise than issue ultimatums on this pivotal day.The full moon on September 24 could result in a canceled agreement with a stubborn client, customer, or patient. You’ll become much more resourceful at work starting at the end of the month.


With Chiron, the celestial body linked with healing, now retrograde in your wellness zone, you might wonder if you’ll ever feel as fit as you’d like to be. If recent months seem to have coincided with various issues, it might be time to look for the deeper reason behind them.The cause could be various stresses in your life, and the key might be your feelings. If you’re willing to embrace these and reflect on them, you might get an idea of what needs to change so you can restore your good health.

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