Gemini – मिथुन राशि

Know About Your Love-Career-Health-June-2021


You love the feeling that Mercury entering Virgo gives your love life on September 5. Your brain is alive with ideas and plans, and you can’t wait to find someone to share all those thoughts with! Mercury moves into truthful Libra on the twenty-first, so you aren’t interested in dishonesty. You’ll indulge a date being hypothetical, dramatic, or exaggerating, but you only seek the truth when it comes right down to it. September 25 brings a somewhat nerve-wracking sun-Saturn square, especially if you insist on getting into endless debates about personal topics. Maybe you should just cut your losses and walk away.


Working from home is a strong possibility on September 5. Ask your boss to clarify confusing instructions on the seventh. You don’t want to be forced to do a project all over again.The new moon on September 9 is ideal for launching a home-based business or hiring additional staff. Take advantage of an opportunity to contribute to a profit-sharing plan on or around the fifteenth.The full moon on September 24 could mark the end of a stressful group project. You’ll be glad to work independently again. A whirlwind business trip on the twenty-seventh should be highly successful.


With expansive Jupiter continuing its journey through your wellness zone, your energy level could continue to be high. However, your efforts concerning diet and exercise could be sporadic. If you don’t feel like making the effort, you might not bother. This could be compounded once delightful Venus moves into this same zone on September 9, making it more likely that you’ll pamper yourself rather than do what’s best for your well-being. At this point, you might benefit from the help of a personal trainer who can support you through these times, enabling you to reach your wellness goals.

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