Sagittarius – धनु राशि

Know About Your Love-Career-Health-June-2021


A favorable sextile between lucky Jupiter and intense Pluto retrograde on September 12 gives you the opportunity to confront current dating issues and how they relate to past experiences. Once you realize what went wrong before, you can avoid similar situations in the future.A Mercury-Jupiter sextile on the sixteenth gives you a broad outlook and puts the future more in focus. Positive thoughts are linked to outcomes, so leave the negativity behind.The sun drifts into easygoing Libra on September 22, making you want to avoid confrontation. But is going along with an opinion you don’t necessarily agree with better than arguing?


You’ll have to rein in your spending near September 6, when an earnings report could be lower than expected. Be ready to hear some upsetting professional criticism on the seventh. Don’t let your wounded pride prevent you from making improvements.An exciting career opportunity will arrive on or around September 9, courtesy of the new moon. Working behind the scenes on the eleventh could result in a raise, promotion, or both.On September 24, the full moon could force you to make significant changes to a creative endeavor. You might be pressured to adopt a more conservative approach to your work.


As harmonious Venus, your health planet, moves into a quieter zone of your chart on September 9, you might feel more at home doing yoga or tai chi. Exercises that are linked with a spiritual philosophy could appeal to you and help bring peace of mind, too.However, with electric Uranus currently rewinding in your wellness zone, you could experience disruptions and distractions that knock you off course and make it difficult to stick to a routine. This is where being part of a group can give you the necessary support when you need it and make the process of getting fit more enjoyable, too.

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